Archivo por días: 20/02/2013

Lancet infectious diseases.

imageEl 15 de febrero de 2013 el Dr. Jose Luis Mostaza Fernández (Jefe Servicio MI) repasó varios artículos del Lancet Infectious Diseases intercalando unos casos clínicos, y son:

  • Outcomes of the surviving sepsis campaign in intensive care units in the USA and Europe: a prospective cohort study,
  • Effectiveness and safety of drotrecogin alfa (actived) for severe sepsis: a meta-analysis and metaregression.
  • Fever and rhomboid target lesion in decompensated cirrhosis.
  • Assessment of the Xpert MTB/RIF assay for diagnosis of tuberculosis with gastric lavage aspirates in children in sub-Saharan Africa: a prospective descriptive study.
  • Chronic unilateral conjunctivitis.
  • Intensified regimen containing rifampicin and moxifloxacin for tuberculous meningitis: an opel-label, randomised controlled phase 2 trial.
  • Skin infection and progressive paraparesis.
  • Aggressive versus conservative initiation of antimicrobial treatment in critically ill surgical patients with suspected intensive-care-unit-acquired infection:a quasi-experimental, before and after observational cohort study.

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